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The Township of Harrington 

Star of the small and big screen for its architectural heritage and magnificent landscapes, Harrington reveals its richness in the world of cinema. There is a long silence as the camera rolls, then music echoing across the waters of  grand Lake MacDonald as classical airs rise from the virtuoso’s strings at CAMMAC Music Centre.  Nature reigns supreme in this corner of Argenteuil, a region adorned with mixed forests, rivers and lakes where a culture thriving in the luxuriant heart of  nature is illuminated.  The people of Harrington value its tranquil way of life which evokes memories of its agricultural past when dairy farms and fields of crops dotted the landscape.

Lost River 

Around 1849, a group of colonists originating from Glenelg, Scotland, founded Lost River, a small village  surrounded by densely forested mountains and numerous lakes. The village and the river which flows through it are thus named as several miles from its source the river disappears beneath a calcareous rock  dividing the waters of Gate and Fraser Lakes.  


Proclamation of 6th March, 1841







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